About us

About Us

Founded by two Stanford alums, CARAMEL brings a futuristic intelligent platform to any and every automobile. Caramel will transform your automobile into a “Computer on Wheels”.

lums, CARAMEL brings a futuristic intelligent platform to any and every automobile. Caramel will transform your automobile into a “Computer on Wheels”.

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Our Mission


Our company is solving Big Data, Accountability, Safety, Inter-Operability and Compliance (BASIC) problems applicable to multiple industries like - Transportation, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Construction & Healthcare.

These industries have so far taken a single dimensional approach of solving only their core problem(s). As such, many-a-times they leave their customers unsatisfied and also cause indirect damages to other sectors.

For example, car industry focuses on designing the car right but only moderately touches upon passenger safety, driver vigilance checks, car security etc. It is needed to upgrade these designs. However, the fragmented and expensive solutions available currently are slowing such upgradations.


We have designed an integrated and versatile “Industrial-IoT 4.0” based platform. It can be deployed in all the mentioned vectors. Further, the same platform is easily upgradable based on evolving needs of people.

We have a multi-dimensional approach to solving the problems at hand. We monitor, log and analyze the performance, power consumption, environmental impact and undesired side-effects of the current system and provide solutions. We secure systems and safeguard the people around it. We add additional value to the system to further enhance user-experience.


We are a unique team of industry veterans who have joined hands to make this versatile and world-class "Industrial-IoT" platform.

Our platform seamlessly overlays on existing infrastructure, reducing upgradation time and cost. We have designed and manufactured cutting-edge hardware devices and written software flavors specific to each industry. Backing our hardware & software is our intelligent and highly secure cloud analytics engine.

The hardware communicates directly with the cloud with no human intervention needed. We have developed complex sensor fusion algorithms to process vast amount of data generated with help of Artificial Intelligence.

Our Key Products

Computation & Communication Console

Fleet Dashboard

Mobile App



Shiv Agarwal

Founder CEO

Masters in Electrical, Stanford University, CA Electrical Design - iPhone 5 XBOX ONE Surface Book Microsoft Band

Rohit Vidwans


(Emeritus) Vice President Platform Engineering Group, Intel Corp., Oregon

Tyler Gleghorn

Electrical Lead

Designed the quietest room on the west coast 15+ years in Industry, Microsoft|NXP

Matt Pedersen

Mechanical Lead

Built Microsoft MACH, China 15+ years in the Industry, Microsoft|SmartCapp|Nytec

Vedant Agarwal


Bachelors in Computer Science, NIT-Warangal National Infrastructural Development Yamuna Expressway Greenfield Expressway