Indus Valley World School (IVWS), Kolkata

Case Study

  • IVWS is one of the best CBSE school in Kolkata.
  • IVWS owns a school bus fleet comprising of 31 large-size buses, which helps commute 1000 students daily and running weekend trips in and around city.
  • Deployed Caramel’s C3 vehicle IOT Platform to continuously monitor the live camera feeds from the fleet, track live fleet movement and analyze historical fleet performance.


  • Real-time fleet monitoring supplies visibility into where buses are at any given moment, allowing IVWS team to keep the buses on route and on time
  • Sensors track real-time bus speed along with parking and idling time
  • Multiple, wireless IP cameras provide complete remote visibility of the bus with the crew members and the students
  • Complete route history is used to build smarter routes and plan fleet expansion
  • When IVWS began looking for a GPS monitoring system, they wanted a solution that could keep up with the team's busy days. A slow GPS system running on 2G network simply would not do. IVWS notes the systems with 10-minute updates were “all but useless for real-time”
  • IVWS was looking for solutions and Caramel turned up just at the right time. IVWS thoroughly put Caramel to the test, evaluating the system for over a month, and the answer was clear:
  • "We compared Caramel with other vendors and found Caramel’s solution to be superior for:
  • Tracking and Surveillance performance
  • A highly compact system
  • Already has features built-in which we foresee to deploy in the future
  • The most flexible and responsive to specific user needs
  • The most affordable"
  • When transporting students, safety, accountability, and transparency are critical. Because of this, IVWS needed accurate historical data in addition to real-time visibility.
  • As a technology driven school, IVWS is always looking for the best way to run their organization.