Caramel's Computation & Communication Console

Caramel’s Computation and Communication Console (C3) is an Adaptive Vehicle Platform for any and every vehicle, providing vehicle owners with real-time location, sensor data and analytics. C3 is highly configurable and includes built in options to integrate cameras, attendance systems, payment systems, crash sensors etc. based on user needs – hence the term adaptive vehicle platform.

Features of Computation & Communication Console

Location Tracker

Surveillance Cameras

Fleet Dashboard

Fleet Management

Route Management

Crew Management

Crash Sensor

Energy Efficient


Caramel App

Child Safety


Caramel's Fleet Dashboard

  • A modern, fully integrated, user-friendly dasboard
  • Live-to-seconds location tracking of all the buses in 'One-View'
  • Create and manage routes - add stops, students, vehicles and crew members
  • Broadcast bus delays to parents directly to reduce administrative work
  • Monitor vehicle driving history
  • Purpose built to streamline operations and increase ROI
  • Visibility, compliance, safety and maintenance tools - in one-solution
  • Automated reports provide analytics into driver behaviour, vehicle-idling time and more

Caramel's App

  • Highly reliable, "Live-to-seconds" vehicle tracking
  • Ability to track multiple vehicles in the same app
  • Tracking is private to owners only
  • Alerts for "Vehicle leaving designated areas"
  • Alters for "vehicle starting from garage & reaching destination"
  • Emergency alerts for the vehicle delays/breakdowns
  • In-app view of crew member details

Caramel App is available for download in Google Play.

Install and start tracking in 3 simple Steps


Sign-up in the Caramel app.


Enter the activation code.


Start tracking your assets.

Caramel's Surveillance

  • Supports upto 6 IP WiFi cameras
  • 150 hours of storage per camera
  • Live remote view over 4G LTE
  • Wireless playback and download over WAN and LAN
  • Wireless tech consumes low power leading to increased fuel efficiency
  • PC software view
  • Phone app